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Sp_addrolemember example
Sp_addrolemember example

Sp_addrolemember example

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sp_addrolemember example

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Jun 10, 2010 - To add an user to application role you use sp_addrolemember . sp_addrolemember - statement of language DB_MSSQL Example: Add the account 'pm_reader' into the database role of the SQL Server 'db_datareader' May 7, 2012 - Execute sp_addrolemember on specified database in SQL Server 2008 (or an alternative method) A simple example is below Adding a database user. and possibly to access exceptions if for example procedure created by oneThe following example adds the database user ericm to the PROD database role. reference of all articles but examples and explanations prepared by Ritesh Shah, founder of http://www. As an example, let's create a sample role:. EXEC sp_addrolemember 'PROD', 'ericm' GO ALL of our content (thousands of articles, scripts, and forum postings); A daily newsletter (example); A weekly news round up in our DatabaseDBO permissions to a user7 posts21 Jun 2012sp_addrolemember stored procedure is missing5 posts3 Oct 2011Script to loop through multiple databases3 posts21 May 2008sp_addrolemember via TSQL (SQL Server 2005 Standard 5 posts28 Mar 2008More results from www.sqlservercentral.comSQL Server example, you can use database groups to grant and revoke permissions to in the current database, you can use the sp_addrolemember system stored Posts about sp_addrolemember written by riteshshah. A member added to a role by using sp_addrolemember inherits the permissions of the The following example adds the Windows login ContosoMary5 to the When using sp_addrolemember to add a security account to a role, any permissions For example, MyRole cannot be added as a member of YourRole if Jun 4, 2010 - read permissions to the custom role, then use sp_addrolemember to add all the users or the group.
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